Internal and external audits

Identify improvement opportunities with an internal audit or outsource your external audit?

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Internal audit

An internal audit (self-inspection) can provide insight into deviations from GMP or GDP. To achieve proper corrective action, it is important to find the correct cause of the anomaly.

Pharmatech carries out commissioned internal audits to assess a quality system and its implementation. We conclude our audits with a clear and comprehensive report accompanied by recommendations.

If required, we also develop a plan of action to implement improvements, and supervise corrective measures on a project-by-project basis.

External audit

To deliver a high-quality end product, every supplier in the entire chain must perform to the maximum and deliver a good product or service. As a manufacturer or wholesaler, you have a responsibility to assess your supplier’s performance and reliability.

Pharmatech can help you do just that. We have the expertise to assess a supplier both nationally and internationally. Examples include: a contract manufacturer, a producer of packaging materials, a producer of raw materials (chemicals and biotechnology), a cleaning service, an IT service, a waste processor, or a supplier of maintenance services.

Pharmatech can also support you in drafting and further developing a quality agreement (QA-Agreement or SLA).

Perform internal and external audits